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A great deal of excitement and controversy has arisen over a proposal to develop the nation’s first offshore wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) is convening a five-month stakeholder group process that will examine the issues related to this unprecedented proposed project in considerable detail.

More than 40 key individuals representing the interests of the Cape & Islands as well as state and federal agencies, and elected officials are participating in this dialogue, which is designed to identify and begin to address some of the outstanding issues surrounding the Cape Wind project and offshore wind development in general.

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) is an independent, economic development organization established to enhance the Commonwealth’s knowledge-based Innovation Economy. In addition, MTC administers the Renewable Energy Trust, which was established to promote the appropriate supply and use of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, solar, hydroelectric and fuel cells.

MTC's December 2002 Progress Report on the process is now available. (It is a 2.74 megabyte PDF file, which will probably take about a half hour to download over a modem).

Raab Associates, Ltd. is serving as the facilitators of the stakeholder process. Raab Associates is a leader in designing and facilitating stakeholder processes on energy, environmental, and regulatory issues. In addition to its President Jonathan Raab, Greg Sobel from Environmental Mediation Services and Suzanne Orenstein will also be on the facilitation team. Each of the facilitators has more than a decade of experience working in energy and environmental matters in New England.


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