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Meeting #4 (12/12/2002)
  Agenda S4  (Agenda) (45k)
  Len Fagan / Cape Wind - Alternative Sites Presentation  (Presentations) (2,386k)
  Smardon / SUNY - Visual Impacts Bibliography  (Background Document) (33k)
  Smardon / SUNY - Visual Impacts  (Presentations) (3,190k)
  Bailey / AWS - Alternative Sites  (Presentations) (30,944k)
  Bailey / AWS - Visualization  (Presentations) (1,435k)
  Hecklau / EDR - Visual Impact (PDF)  (Presentations) (7,162k)
  Hecklau / EDR - Visual Simulation (full size images)  (Presentations) (22,227k)
  Prybyla / EarthTech - Visual Impact  (Presentations) (6,377k)
  Prof. Rick Smardon Q&A  (Background Document) (21k)
  Cape & Islands Offshore Wind Meeting #4 Summary (draft)  (Meeting Summary) (396k)
  Cape & Islands Offshore Wind Meeting #4 Summary  (Meeting Summary) (315k)
  Edits Made to the 12-12 Meeting Summary  (Meeting Summary) (20k)

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